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noc.turn is an artistic collective from Esch-sur-Alzette, made of diverse young people from different backgrounds brought together by the common belief that Nobody Owns Culture, the motto reflecting the collective's core values. Since their creation in 2017, noc.turn have been designing and holding events, activities and artistic productions spanning different disciplines in public spaces. Having been based at Konschthal since March 2021, they are actively involved in organising events on the site and running their social media accounts. The collective's mission is to mentor and support young people, qualified or otherwise, as well as any other people wanting to get involved in the creative and cultural sector.

"The aim is to bring together different socio-cultural communities and encourage artistic expression by increasing the visibility of the actors who enrich the South of Luxembourg (also called "Minett"). It is about fostering social inclusion in the Arts, supporting aspiring young talent and giving free rein to collective intelligence." noc.turn