Opening hours

To finish the exhibitions Distance by Jeppe Hein and metalworks - designing & making with a bang, the Konschthal is organising a special closing event for children and their families. A festive programme awaits you to celebrate the artists on display.

WORKSHOPS continuous from 1pm to 6pm

Marble run challenge – Drunter und drüber - by Hannes Köcher
Creation of a gigantic collective marble run made out of paper and wood.

Virwëtztut with Max Mertens
Creation of moving sculptures workshop.

Shaping memory with la Ressourcerie de FerroForum
Workshop where impressions from metal are produced by using objects of the past.


Les plans inclinés by Guillaume Trap – Luxembourg Science Center
13h30 (30min) – FR
Scientific show about gravitation along slopes.

Au corps du mécanisme by Lucoda

15h00 (20min)
Performance that brings families and children to experience Jeppe Hein’s installation Distance in a unique way.

Looping with Apollon Beatbox
16h00 & 17h00
Beatbox and Loopstation performance using sounds from the work Distance by Jeppe Hein followed by a participatory workshop.

Juice bar and homemade lemonades by Smoojo
Homemade crepes by Foodtruck La crêpe sacrée sulée
Ice cream by Marcello, Goeres Group

Free of charge, no registration required, subject to availability.
Children must be accompanied by an adult throughout the event.
Recommended age: from 6 years old.
Subject to change or cancellation.

Additional Info

  • Location All Floors
  • Audience Tout public