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An eclectic book launch centred around a book, sound, and a project-in-progress reflecting the artist's image.

Eric Schumacher invites you to discover his new monographic publication during this evening, which documents a selection of his works from the past fifteen years. By adding photos that document the perpetual deconstruction and reconstruction of his works in his studio, the artist gives us a revealing and even more intimate glimpse of his work.

This book launch is also an opportunity to unveil a new project by the artist that is situated at the heart of Konschthal. Invited to conceptualise and create a specific work for Konschthal's functions, Eric Schumacher reveals the first stage of his work in progress. This conceptual project is designed as a free space for reception, reading, participation, and discussion. Come and discover the first object with its multiple facets and functionalities.

Program of the night:

18:30 Book launch

Introduction by Christian Mosar and Eric Schumacher

19:00: Live-Set - Von Kübe

Eric Schumacher invites Von Kübe (side project of Kuston Beater) to perform a live set with raw tunes reminiscent of the artist's works. Von Kübe is a musical attempt by a boomer to connect with his German roots. The project evokes the industrial atmospheres of the Ruhr and the bucolic scents of the Saar.

20:00: DJ-Set - Kuston Beater

Kuston Beater, whose real name is Christophe Peiffer, immerses us in selected sounds inspired by Eric Schumacher's work, who also accompanied him as a graphic designer for his book release. One never really knows what to expect with Kuston Beater's DJ set, but it always comes with an electro-discostalgic touch.

18:00 - 22:00: Bar / Snacks

Indulge in the snacks concocted and prepared by the artist. The bar will be open throughout the evening.

With the support of: Fonds Culturel National Luxembourg, Kultur | lx and Konschtal Esch.

Free of charge | No booking required.

Additional Info

  • Location Floor 00
  • Audience Open to all
  • Language(s) FR, EN, DE, LU