Opening hours

As part of the exhibition "Ego Tunnel" by Gregor Schneider, the Konschthal organised a participatory workshop together with the young architects' collective WAA (what is architecture?).

After a guided tour of Gregor Schneider's built-in spaces, the space-opening workshop started in the Konschthal’s warehouse for the two BTS classes from the Lycée Josy barthel in Mamer - specialising in real estate and supervised by their teachers Satu Carke and Roland Herrmann.

Through 5 testimonies, the students were told on which floor plans people used to live in the past, on which ones people currently lived or on which ones will be lived in the future. Based on these audio testimonies, the participants speculated in a first phase of the workshop on what the rooms might look like on paper.

After detailed plans had been drawn up, these plans were in a second phase glued to the floor on a 1-to-1 scale (i.e. real scale) with the help of Julie Hoffmann, Karen Decker and the teachers.

The final opening consisted of a confrontation between the acoustic testimonies of relevant figures from the Minett region and the visual 1 to 1 representation of the space.

The workshop was documented by Etienne Duval, who made a drone recording of the works from the architect's point of view.