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The Konschthal is getting a makeover and will be transformed into an Escape Room for a whole week.

As part of the 'Contemporary Art' option at the Lycée Nic-Biever, the students created their own Escape Room, open to all. Over a period of several months, the students devised a series of enigmas based on past and current exhibitions and works at the Konschthal.

For the scenography, the students discovered different basic cardboard assembly techniques.

Now it's up to you to venture into the room, find the clues and try to find your way out.

Speakers: students from the "Contemporary Art" option at the Lycée Nic-Biever Dudelange (David H., Thierry, Cathy, Mikaël, Naouï, Chiara, David S.)

Age: between 10-14 years (each group must be accompanied by 1 adult)

Languages: LU, FR, EN

Duration: approx 30 minutes

Additional information:

Please present yourself at the Konschthal reception desk 10 minutes before your time slot begins with your proof of booking.

You can take part in the "Cardoboard Modulator" workshop throughout the day.

Time slots: 11h00, 13h00, 14h00, 15h00, 16h00, 17h00

Participation only in groups of 3-7 participants

Level: beginner

Free of charge | Subject to availability | Booking required

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