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The Konschthal is a new partner of the CapFutur project of the Lycée Guillaume Kroll in Esch. For one term, students from three 7th grade classes were able to explore the exhibition Green Machine - Die Dinge der Anderen by German artist Ben Greber at the Konschthal and discover FerroForum (a socio-cultural space which aims to generate ideas and project incubator, open to all kinds of people interested in the steel industry). In collaboration with FerroForum, the students were able to develop an ambitious long-term project by learning about the industrial and artisanal heritage using the example of the “Metzeschmelz” site and by discovering, among other things, the technique of cast iron. The results of this project will be presented at the Konschthal on the exhibition’s closing weekend. Come discover the exhibition through the eyes and creations of young people.

Participators: students from 7ième - CapFutur of Lycée Guillaume Kroll Esch

In collaboration with: CapFutur, FerroForum, Lycée Guillaume Kroll

Walk-in | Free of charge | No booking required.

Additional Info

  • Audience Open to all
  • Elevator Temporarily inaccessible from December 2023 to February 2024