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Ultrasocial Pop is a compedium that illustrates a review of Filip Markiewicz's artistic work over the last 2 years. In Ultrasocial Pop he combines his musical project Raftside with his artistic work and his stage work. Everything fluctuates, flows, transforms. This is his version of the "ephemeral modernity" that he recognizes, among other things, in social networks and their excesses. In Ultrasocial Pop, Filip Markiewicz draws on elements of the theory of ideas and a whole series of icons from art history, the world of politics, or from pop and post-pop culture in order to treat them in a multi-faceted work.

With texts by Max Dax, Clément Minighetti, Christian Mosar and Marc Wellman.

Available at Konschthal and via Hatje Cantz Verlag.