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Come and create together during a weekend a gigantic marble circuit with the artist Hannes Köcher. Using simple materials such as paper, cardboard and wood, the artist will guide us to create a collective work in which all our creative ideas will be implemented. A marble track is not just a marble rolling down a tube. The more curves, stairs and jumps, the better. The work Distance by the artist Jeppe Hein can give us many ideas.

Hannes Köcher lives and works in Vienna and recently in Esch-sur-Alzette. He is a media artist, programmer and painter, deeply rooted in a past of electroacoustic composition. He develops interactive installations for exhibitions and museums, builds performance automatons and creates paintings in cooperation with his robots.

Duration: Over 2 days / Free of charge, subject to availability / No booking required.

Additional Info

  • Artist(s) Hannes Köcher
  • Audience Tout public
  • Facilitator Hannes Köcher