11:00 - 18:00

Exhibition in Luxembourg of the 4th participation of Lët'z Arles (association that supports and promotes photography and artists linked to Luxembourg) at the Rencontres d'Arles in France.

Providencia - providence - in its biblical sense, describes God's intervention in the universe, an influence beyond human control. The Providencia neighborhood in Santiago, Chile, provides both the setting and the title for this new series by Daniel Reuter. His gaze explores the marks of a context of divergence recently brought to the surface, from a visually prosaic urbanity: architectural details, makeshift structures, trees and foliage, construction fences obstructing the view. Twelve large-format images enter into conversation through a hexagonal device inspired by a modernist kiosk in the Providencia district. A book accompanies the exhibition and offers an immersive exploration of this series, using several papers, plays on transparency, opacity, and materiality.

Curator: Michèle Walerich

Additional Info

  • Type Past exhibition
  • Artist(s) Daniel Reuter, Lisa Kohl
  • Location Floor 00
  • Curator(s) Michèle Walerich & Danielle Igniti

Lisa Kohl is interested in the relationship between artistic creation and social reality. She goes out into the field to meet people who live in precarious conditions and establishes relationships of exchange and trust with them. Lisa Kohl's works speak of flight, exile, the non-place of life or survival, invisibility, and absence. She invites us to reflect on identity, homeland, border crossing, futility, and hope. Her ERRE is an installation composed of three original works. The projection of his film HAVEN (2021) enters into dialogue with two series of photographs: SHELTER (2019) and PASSAGE // 32°32'04.7''N 117°07'26.3''W (2019), presented on backlit supports. The artist's first book, ERRE, accompanies the exhibition and extends the exploration of these themes with the presentation of other recent works by Lisa Kohl.

Curator: Danielle Igniti