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Umspannwerk (DAS GROSSE DANACH) is an artist's edition of 50 copies by German artist Ben Greber (*1979). A specially produced box contains the new book with texts by art historian Raimund Stecker as well as two objects shaped as lemons. These objects are an extension of the new expansive installation Umspannwerk (DAS GROSSE DANACH), in which the artist has created a monumental memento mori machine. The lemon motif initially appears here as a contemporary party relic, but naturally also takes up the exotic tropical fruit motif of 17th century still life painting. As an artist's edition, it ultimately references the Capri battery by German artist Joseph Beuys, not without humour.

The edition is a co-production of the Konschthal Esch on the occasion of the monographic exhibition Green Machine - Die Dinge der Anderen 2023.

Available at the Konschthal and at Salon Verlag & Edition.

Selling price: 500€.

Umspannwerk (DAS GROSSE DANACH), 2023
Edition of 50 + 5 artist proofs
Material: Spray paint on plastic, cardboard
Dimensions: 22.1 x 15.2 x 6.3 cm
The edition includes a copy of the book Ben Greber (Salon Verlag, 2023) published on the occasion of the exhibition Green Machine – Die Dinge der Anderen at the Konschthal Esch, Luxembourg