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FRAMERATE: Pulse of the Earth bears witness to landscapes in flux. The work reveals alterations caused by human-centred industry and the immense forces of nature: destruction, extraction, habitation, construction, harvests, growth, and erosion. Created from thousands of daily 3D time-lapse scans of natural and man-made landscapes, the work observes change on a scale impossible to see with the lens of traditional cameras.

FRAMERATE: Pulse of the Earth invites you to observe in another way. To think and feel in another time scale: geological time, seasonal time, tidal time. To contemplate change, and the pace of change. This is a space where your perspective might shift. This is not just an artwork. The data collected and presented by FRAMERATE is ground-breaking scientific research containing empirical, measurable facts.

FRAMERATE: Pulse of the Earth was presented at the Venice International Film Festival, COP 26, SXSW, the BFI London Film Festival, and the Centre PHI in Montreal.

ScanLAB Projects is a creative studio specializing in exploring the use of large-scale 3D scanning in architecture and the creative industries. ScanLAB Projects digitizes the world, transforming temporary moments and spaces into hypnotic and captivating experiences, images, and films. Founded in 2010, ScanLAB Projects has worked with leading architects, scientists, and artists around the world. Their work has been featured in TV documentaries, film screenings and numerous international exhibitions and publications.

In the framework of the Biennale 2024 – Architectures, d’Esch Capitale Culturelle.

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  • Type Current exhibition
  • Artist(s) Presented by ELEKTRON
  • Location Floor 03
  • Curator(s) Françoise Poos et Vincent Crapon