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The Internet and its services rely on infrastructures that span the entire planet: undersea cables, data centres, antennas, satellites... The exhibition FUTURE_FORECAST by Ziyang Wu + Mark Ramos explores these infrastructures and imagines the future of our connected societies from a non-western perspective.

  The complex political, economic social, and ecological environment of the Philippines sets the framework for the two works presented in the exhibition. The video Pasig River 2030 - 6 Plus and the playable simulation Future_Forecast question the complex relationship between technological progress, emerging markets, traditional cultures and digital colonisation.

Ziyang Wu is an artist and curator based in New York and Hangzhou. His work examines how the virtual world, data and algorithms as invisible forces ubiquitously alienate and reconstruct human experience in a globalized post-Internet society. His work has been shown at M+ (Hong Kong), the 7th Intermedia Art Festival (Shanghai), Nancy Margolis Gallery (New York), Hatch Art Project (Singapore), the Institute of Contemporary Art (Philadelphia), Rhizome at the New Museum (New York), the Walker Art Center (Minneapolis), UCCA Center for Contemporary Art (Beijing) and the Chengdu Biennale. Ziyang Wu teaches at the School of Design and Innovation of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts and is a member of NEW INC at the New Museum in New York.

Mark Ramos is a Brooklyn-based artist. He elaborates fragile post-colonial technology using web/software programming and digital sculpture/fabrication to create interactive works that question our digital futures. Mark is deeply committed to the open-source ethic: the free sharing of information and data, and the creative use of technology. His work has been shown at M+ (Hong Kong), Brooklyn Arsenal Gallery, Rhizome at the New Museum (New York), Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San Francisco), Times Museum (Beijing), Chengdu Biennale, arebyte Gallery (London) and Peter Weibel Institute for Digital Culture (Vienna). He teaches at the Pratt Institute's School of Visual Arts and at New York University.

In the framework of the Biennale 2024 – Architectures, d’Esch Capitale Culturelle.

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  • Type Current exhibition
  • Artist(s) Presented by ELEKTRON
  • Location Floor 03
  • Curator(s) Françoise Poos & Vincent Crapon