11:00 - 18:00

Exhibition initially scheduled from 16.03.2024 to 16.06.2024, postponed from 27.04.2024 to 25.08.2024 inclusive.

Since 2000, Mexican-born artist Hisae Ikenaga has been developing a multi-faceted body of work that humorously appropriates the language of classical sculpture and architecture. The artist collects and transforms industrial and domestic objects and/or combines them with ceramic figures to create hybrid compositions. Subtly playing with the accumulation and collage of forms – some abstract, some recognisable – Ikenaga lends new functions to these 'modern' objects, ones that reflect their aesthetic and mechanical properties. She extends this transformation of volumes and materials to her traditional ceramic-making skills (from modelling to extrusion). Hisae Ikenaga carries this traditional knowledge into the realm of strangeness, where the organic and the inorganic, the fragile and the solid, the functional and the sculptural, the modernist and the artisanal collide.

For her first solo exhibition in a Luxembourg institution, Hisae Ikenaga will be presenting a selection of works that reflect her material and formal research over the last few years, alongside new pieces.


Hisae Ikenaga (1977, Mexico) studied art theory and visual arts in Mexico, Kyoto, Barcelona and Madrid. She lives in Luxembourg and works between Luxembourg and Spain. Her work has been shown in several solo and group exhibitions in Luxembourg, Spain, France, and Mexico. In 2020, she was the recipient of the LEAP20 Luxembourg Encouragement for Artists Prize, and in 2021 her on-site project at the Order of Architects and Consulting Engineers (OAI) headquarters won first prize in the 1st Art In Situ OAI competition.

Additional Info

  • Type Upcoming exhibition
  • Artist(s) Hisae Ikenaga
  • Location Floor 02
  • Curator(s) Charlotte Masse